Milk powder is prepared by evaporating milk to dryness and this has better shelf life than milk due to lack of moisture.Majority of Indian sweets use milk powder/mawa/khoya in it’s preparation so when you have milk powder handy, preparing desserts becomes easier

Milk powder is quite simple to make but does require tremendous patience and bit of muscle power too :).. When you have enough milk supply, you can prepare milk powder in advance and stock it. This homemade powder can be stored upto 3 months. Market based products have added preservatives hence have better shelf life

I live in a area where both milk and milk powder is easily available so I never had the need to prepare it at home. The other day, my friends were trying out my recipes which required milk powder and they found that milk powder wasn’t easily available to them due to the pandemic, I guided them in preparing the milk powder when I decided to share it with everyone here on how this is actually done. It’s quite super easy and I would recommend watching the video as it will give you better clarity

*You can use regular/low fat/creamy/full fat milk here. The final weight of milk powder will slightly vary depending on the type of milk

**Market based milk powders are quite sweet so you can add 4-5 tbsp sugar

***Its essential to cook milk over low heat and stirring is required to prevent it from burning

***Drying the milk solids under fan will take longer time, it’s best to sun dry for even and quick drying

Do watch the video for better clarity in preparation and share your experience once you prepare the dish

Preparation time: 5 mins Cooking time: 1 hour 50 mins Total time: 1 hour 55 mins

Servings: 220 g


  • 1 litre Milk
  • 3-5 tbsp sugar

Steps to prepare

  • Pour the milk in a large thick bottomed pan/non stick pan
  • Bring milk to gentle boil first over low to medium flame.
  • Reduce the heat to low and simmer the milk. Stir at regular intervals whilst the milk is simmering.
  • The milk will froth many times, while its simmering so do stir the milk.
  • Scrape the milk solids from the sides and add to the milk.
  • The milk will continue to reduce and thicken as its being simmered
  • Milk will slowly start to solidify, pay close attention now as the milk shouldn’t burn or stick to the bottom of the pan
  • Stir continously now, the milk woud thicken and the lose the free flowing dropping consistency.
  • It took me 1 hour 50 minutes to reach this stage , it can take upto 2 hours too depending on the type of milk
  • Tranfer the mixture to a parchment/butter paper and spread evenly
  • Place the mixture under the sun to dry
  • Now stir the mixture after 30-40 minutes, this is essential. Stirring will help in even drying out of the mixture
  • Mixture will slowly turn to dry milk solids
  • It took me 4 hrs 30 minutes to dry the mixture
  • Transfer the mixture to grinder and grind coarsely
  • Add sugar and grind to fine powder
  • If you want to have super fine consistency the way market based products have, then you can sieve the powder too. Do not discard any solids leftover after sieving as it can be used in preparation of sweets
  • Transfer the milk powder to air tight container and refrigerate. This will remain fresh upto 3 months
  • Use milk powder as desired
Homemade Milk Powder
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