A perfect snack with cup of hot Tea, Parties, Kids tiffin box. Easy to make , delicious in taste, these pizza bites/balls can be devoured any time.I had seen quite many pizza balls recipe on the net however since past few days I have been making various kinds of pizzas, I decided to try this out today as snacks to munch on while we were watching the game and it was quickly consumed once I prepared it.

You can use any fillings for pizza bites, I have used bell pepper and olives. You can use mac and cheese/ tomato and basil/pepperoni or as desired. You will get different flavored pizza balls

Fried Pizza Balls/Bites is one of the perfect snack to prepare when you have a get together or night party at home. And do remember that be it kids or grownups, everyone just absolutely love it. So do try it next time!

*The pizza balls can also be baked. Preheat oven to 170 deg cel. Place them on baking tray leaving gap between them. Do Olive oil wash before baking and bake these balls for 12-14 mins until golden brown

Preparation time: 180 mins Cooking time: 15 mins Total time: 195 mins

Servings: 7


For Pizza dough

  • 1 cup warm Water or as required
  • 2 cups Maida/ All purpose flour
  • Salt to taste
  • 1 tbsp Olive oil
  • 1 tbsp Sugar
  • 1 teaspoon  instant active Yeast/ 114 teaspoon Active dry yeast

For pizza toppings

  • 1 cup Capsicum, Bell Peppers thinly sliced finely chopped
  • 4 tbsp chopped olives
  • 1 tbsp oregano
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 tbsp Red Chili flakes
  • 1/2 cup or more Pizza sauce
  • 1 teaspoon Olive oil
  • 1/2 cup or more grated mozzarella cheese
  • Vegetable Oil for frying

Steps to prepare

  • I have used instant active yeast, in case you are using regular active yeast then ,mix yeast sugar and lukewarm water. Keep it aside until it becomes frothy
  • Add flour in a bowl
  • If using regular yeast then add the frothy yeast with salt to flour and knead the dough. For instant yeast: make 3 wells in flour. Add sugar, yeast and salt respectively. Never add salt over yeast or vice versa
  • Gently mix everything well
  • Add warm water
  • Knead the dough. It will be soft and sticky which is OK.
  • Add olive oil and knead it again.
  • Cover it and Keep it aside for 1-2 hours . In case you wish you can refrigerate this dough for 2 days. Keep it in a bigger air-tight container
  • After 90 minutes, It will double in size.
  • Gently punch the air
  • Now add additional flour as required and make soft dough, dough should be still soft and smooth
  • Meanwhile in a bowl add capsicum, olives and bell pepper
  • Add salt, pepper ,oregano, olive oil and red chili flakes and mix well. Keep it aside. You can change/adjust seasonings as required
  • Divide dough into equal small portions.
  • Now roll the dough as small to medium puris/circles or in squares. Pizza balls will inflate when fried due to presence of yeast so do not make bigger circles

  • Apply pizza sauce towards the centre.

  • Over the sauce, place small amount of toppings

  • Add little amount of grated cheese. Do not add too much cheese, it might leak out once you start frying the balls

  • Apply water over the edges
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is inshot_20190622_122739_1258841822463021484.jpg
  • Gently fold to make ball. Do until dough/filling is completed


  • Heat the oil in a wok now place the sealed edge towards bottom, do not overcrowd . Since these balls inflate, you need sufficient space to inflate. As mentioned in my tip, you can also bake these balls

Deep fry the balls until golden brown over medium heat

Place it on absorbent towel to absorb excess oil. You can bake these balls too for healthier version

Serve warm with sauce or ketchup

Pizza Balls
Posted by:Rekha Unni

Humble quirky soul embarking on beautiful journey of love called Life. Cooking is one of my favorite hobbies and I love experimenting with different types of foods. it's the love of cooking for my family which has made this hobby as one of my passions

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