Aam Panna is one of the tangy ,sweet , refreshing summer coolant Indian drink. This beverage is flavored with cumin, cardamom , mint and use raw mangoes as its primary source which not only quenches thirst but also prevents the excessive loss of sodium chloride and iron during summer due to excessive sweating. . Raw mango is a rich source of pectin and the addition of spices makes it more healthy

You can add sugar in place of jaggery but I prefer making this with jaggery as sugar kills the nutritional benefits of the drink

Go ahead and rejuvenate the body with this Summer coolant drink

Preparation time: 10 mins Cooking time: 6 mins Total time: 16 mins

Servings : 7


  • 400 g Raw mangoes peeled
  • 1.5 cups grated jaggery
  • 2 teaspoon black salt/ rock salt
  • 1 cup fresh mint leaves
  • 1/4 teaspoon pepper
  • 1 teaspoon Cardamom powder
  • 1 teaspoon roasted cumin powder
  • 2 cups water to pressure cook

Steps to prepare

  • Pressure cook raw mangoes until tender or alternatively cook the mangoes in a vessel until it turns soft and tender
  • Once steam is released, strain the liquid and keep it aside. Mash the mangoes thoroughly
  • Grind mint leaves with little water to form paste
  • Add the mint paste and rest of the ingredients to the crushed raw mangoes
  • Mix everything well until well -combined.
  • The Aam panna concentrate is ready. Store this in air tight container in refrigerator.
  • To prepare the drink, add 2-3 tbsp of aam panna concentrate and mix with strained mango liquid or cold water and mix well
  • Garnish with mint leaves and ice cubes.Serve chilled
Aam Panna with Jaggery
Posted by:Rekha Unni

Humble quirky soul embarking on beautiful journey of love called Life. Cooking is one of my favorite hobbies and I love experimenting with different types of foods. it's the love of cooking for my family which has made this hobby as one of my passions

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